New from TRUSTe on Behavioral Advertising


It is particularly pleasing that this checklist lays out some of the leading practices of the future for behavioral advertising – ways to give users more transparency and control, and minimizing the retention of data that is not needed.

From the document:

Self-regulation is a process often preceded by leading companies beginning to strengthen practices and chart advances that are then more widely adopted. In particular, companies should be aware of evolving industry practices in the following areas:

  • Application of certain privacy principles to some types of non-personal data, for example, behavioral profiles, cookie IDs or IP addresses.
  • Notices about ad-serving and behavioral targeting being provided in banner ads or on home pages, in addition to within a privacy policy.
  • Choice being provided not only for the sharing of ad-serving data, but with regard to data use by a single company to tailor ads on its own sites.
  • The establishment of specific data retention policies and anonymization techniques for log-file data.