Persistent Opt-Out Cookies


Future of Privacy Forum Applauds Yahoo for Enhancing Consumer Control of Cookies

FPF Co-Chairman and Director Jules Polonetsky today issued the following statement in reaction to Yahoo’s announcement that it would refresh the opt-out preferences of users across different computers and browsers, and re-set a new opt-out cookie if a user inadvertently deleted their opt-out cookie, for users who are signed in to Yahoo.

“Yahoo has emerged as one of the clear privacy leaders in the online advertising industry by continuing to innovate in improving user controls for behavioral advertising. The instability of the opt-out cookie is the Achilles heel of the behavioral advertising model and steps like this help ensure that user’s choices are more widely respected.”

“It is a credit to Yahoo that they are doing what they can, but the full solution will require the browser companies allowing sites to set a flag that consumers can use to more reliably record their privacy choices. Until users who express a choice can be assured that their preference will be respected, the behavioral advertising model will be at risk.”