FPF Announces Consumer Notices Research Initiative


FPF is proud to announce the launch of an initiative geared toward finding new ways of helping companies communicate with consumers regarding online advertising and privacy practices. Six to ten years ago, an executive would have responded with incredulity to the notion that his company needed to do something more to educate consumers about advertising practices outside of the standard privacy policy. Today, however, we have reached a turning point. It may be due to the Web 2.0 mentality, the recognition of the expansion of data use, concerns of new legislation or the steps forward by a few business leaders, but the tide has turned. Companies are now beginning to look seriously at new ways of communicating with their users about behavioral advertising in a more effective and innovative manner. FPF’s new research project looks to build upon these efforts by specific companies and by industry groups to help find meaningful ways to engage users.  Check out the press release for details.