Economic Value of the Advertising Supported Internet


What is the value of all the advertising on the internet? The IAB has a report out.  Some interesting facts and figures including a nice chart on where all those internet workers are located.  One area that is not covered, and where a proper methodology would be hard but I think possible, would be drilling down into how much of the $300 billion in value is related to data use?  How much of the value is due to the fact that eyeballs are online and how much is related to the mediums measurability using cookies and other tracking tools? How much is due to the use of appended data or behavioral profiles?  Since most companies don’t break out some of these stats even for internal use, evaluating the economic impact of proposals that may limit data use would not be easy.  Perhaps we will collect a group of academics, business and advocates (critics and supporters of robust data use) and see if we can do a follow up working off the IAB numbers.  Interested in supporting such a project?