White House Cookies: Wrap-Up of the Open Government Brainstorming: Participation


The White House Open Government site will be hosting discussion of a few issues on Friday, including suggestions by FPF, CDT, EFF and Professor Peter Swire about updating the current government policy around the use of cookies.

The topic listed is as follows: Update the cookies policy to come up to speed with the latest in browser practices and persistence technologies.  Enable agencies to harness capabilities of cookies by streamlining approval process.

Our sources tell us that the current cookie policy is indeed under review at OMB and a number of agencies and that staff will be looking closely at the input, so now is your chance to engage to ensure policymakers have the benefit of the best thinking about how to enable Web site analysis and personalization in a privacy sensitive manner.

The White House – Blog Post – Wrap-Up of the Open Government Brainstorming: Participation.

FPF proposed cookie policy update is here
CDT, EFF proposal is here