Web Analytics Companies: Let Your Voices Be Heard!




Web Analytics Companies: Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Over the past year, FPF and other groups including CDT , EFF and the Federal Web Managers Council have proposed revisions to the current limitations on use of cookies by the federal government.One area where many seem to agree is that allowing government to use analytics to understand how many unique users are visiting a Web site over time is quite essential, but only if proper privacy rules are in place.

While any new regulations will directly affect federal websites only, the implementation of new cookie policies for the government sites will undoubtedly have an influential effect on the analytics industry.Thousands of government Web sites may become major customers of analytics services who will need to provide services under any new rules.In addition, these new rules could set a model for leading private sector practices.Some of the leading companies in the private sector are already requesting more stringent practices of their analytics partners – in fact this is where many of our ideas for progress originated.

To put it more simply, if you are in the analytics business, these changes will affect you!Speak up!

Tomorrow, the White House Open Government Site will open up the floor to all interested parties wishing to provide input on this issue.Please let us know your thoughts below or comment at CDT’s wiki or at the White House site.

What is the impact of retaining log-file level data for only 30, 60 or 90 days?Some vendors already have the ability to immediately hash or delete IP addresses without reporting impact, are there any issues with doing so?Is using a first party domain, as many in the private sector already do, feasible for sites with limited traffic? Why can’t those cookie expire on a tight time frame? Can you provide a better and more stable opt-out?  Speak up and be part of the effort to ensure that users get the benefit of government sites that both serve their needs effectively and respect the privacy of their data.

The White House – Blog Post – Wrap-Up of the Open Government Brainstorming: Participation.

FPF proposed cookie policy update is here
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