FetchBack – The Retargeting Company


Ad network FetchBack is now adding a link to its ads that take users to an informational and opt-out page.  This is certainly another step in the right direction, so we offer our compliments.

That being said,  without a screenshot of what the little link on the ad looks like, the value to users of this link it is hard to assess.  Does it say “info” or “about” or something a little more useful such as ‘why this ad” or “this ad was selected for you” or “personalized ad/on/off”?  Since our research project is focused on this very issue, we will ask them to share some further details.

Note that “retargeting”, where data of an advertiser is used to “retarget” a user elsewhere, was long not considered subject to behavioral advertising rules by many in the industry, because often the advertiser’s data is used only on their behalf and isn’t shared.   Today that policy distinction has eroded.  We aren’t sure that consumers would ever have appreciated the difference, and many advertisers are still trying to figure out their obligations in this area,  so it is indeed nice to see a company from this industry segment taking a step forward.

Update: Thanks to fetchback for the quick response, here is a screenshot.