It is Official! No one is in charge of my retinal scan!


Feds announce that Clear Pass data aint their problem.

Stay on this one, Marc Rotenberg!

Fate of Registered Traveler data up in air after vendor quits program — Federal Computer Week.

One more reason the US needs a Chief Privacy Officer is that there is so much that falls within the cracks of jurisdiction.  Data is the lifeblood of government and of commercial activity, but without someone “owning” the overall responsibility for a national strategy around respect for individual data, we will face a thousand nicks and cuts that weaken trust in the system.  Peter Swire served admirably as White House Counselor for Privacy during the Clinton administration from his seat at OMB.  A similar role today, chairing a CPO Council from the agencies as CDT and others have suggested, is critically needed if privacy battles are not going to overhang future efforts to move forward on dozens of areas that require robust but respectful use of data to succeed.