More Advisory Board News…


FPF is honored to have an Advisory Board that includes some of the country’s leading luminaries on privacy issues. We are also honored to announce the addition of three more esteemed privacy experts:

Michelle Dennedy, chief governance officer, cloud computing at Sun Microsystems. Ms. Dennedy is an expert in designing policies that foster trust in cloud environments. Formerly Sun’s chief privacy officer, she has overseen the development of data privacy policies that comport with international data regulations.

Lorrie Faith Cranor, associate professor of computer science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. The author of more than 80 research papers on issues such as online privacy, phishing, spam, anonymous publishing, and usable access control, Ms. Cranor is director of Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS).

Andy Holleman, chief privacy officer at Qwest Communications. Mr. Holleman has been providing integral counsel to Qwest on privacy issues since 2001. As the company’s CPO, his work includes policy formation, the development and delivery of privacy training, and providing privacy-related advice on new products and services, among several other tasks.

We are honored and delighted that these prominent experts would serve on FPF’s Advisory Board.