Privacy Papers for Policy Makers


The Future of Privacy Forum is calling on academics and thinkers with an interest in privacy issues for their involvement in “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers.”


• To highlight important research and analytical work on a variety of privacy topics, and to ensure policy makers are informed of the most influential scholarship as they address privacy issues.

• Papers should clearly analyze current and emerging privacy issues and either propose achievable short-term solutions, or propose new means of analysis that could lead to solutions.


• Academics, privacy advocates and Chief Privacy Officers on FPF’s Advisory Board will review the submitted papers to determine which papers are best suited and most useful for policy makers in Congress, the FTC, FCC, state and worldwide leaders.

• The Advisory Board will announce the selected papers at an event in September, and provide a bound compilation to policy makers in the United States and abroad.


Paper Submission Deadline: July 15

Please include: author’s full name, phone number, current postal address and e-mail address.

Send via e-mail to [email protected], or send by mail to:

Future of Privacy Forum

919 18th Street, NW, Suite 925

Washington, DC 20006

The entry can provide a link to a published paper or a draft paper that has a publication date. FPF will work with the authors of selected papers to develop a policy maker-appropriate summary that respects any relevant copyright concerns.

A special thanks to AT&T, LexisNexis, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble for support of the Privacy Papers for Policy Makers project.

Additional sponsors welcome. Please contact Andrew Kovalcin at [email protected]