GSMA Research Shows Mobile Users Rank Privacy an Important Concern


An extensive GSMA study of over 4,000 mobile phone users in Singapore, Spain, and the UK reveals that most users are concerned about sharing personal information when using mobile applications and Internet. Privacy concerns were shown to hinder user interaction with such apps and services, but research also illustrates the significant value users place this technology. Key areas of concern are location based services (LBS), online behavioral advertising, and mobile app and third party sharing of data.

With mobile apps, 92% of users expressed concern about apps collecting and sharing information without consent. 79% want to know when and what type of information is being collected.

“The research shows that to realise the full potential of mobile Internet services, it is imperative that ways are found to strengthen consumer confidence and trust by giving users meaningful transparency, choice and control over how their personal information is used,” said Tom Phillips, chief regulatory officer, GSMA. “The GSMA is committed to working with stakeholders from across the whole mobile ecosystem to help establish effective and consistent privacy experiences for mobile users, and to ensure that privacy is a key consideration of all mobile services.”

FPF also has an upcoming study in the area of mobile user expectation as part of our Design for Trust project, an effort let by design firm CreativeContext and supported by Yahoo, Visa and others. We look forward to sharing details soon.Read more about the GSMA study here.