Google Makes Encryption and Privacy of Searches Easier for Users


Kudos to Google, which will now ensure that the searches of its users are protected from Wi-Fi hackers or rogue Web snoops.  On Tuesday, Google announced that it will begin encrypting search queries and results of users who are logged into their Google accounts. Previously, if users wanted to search the Internet securely over an encrypted HTTPS connection, they would have to direct themselves to Google’s secure search page.  This will change over the next few weeks, as Google implements default encryption for logged in account holders. Read more about the change here.

School administrators or others who may be required to monitor searches will have a work around, but it will result in users being informed that those searches aren’t protected. Advertisers who track which search terms bring users to their sites will need to rely on Google’s web master tools, rather than analyzing the search queries that are transmitted when users click on search results.