Who Would You Put on the Nice List?



2011 has been a year marked by criticism of industry data practices.  Certainly many of the concerns have been warranted and we know that many businesses have increased their efforts to ensure they have the staff and processes in place to do better going forward.


At the Future of Privacy Forum, we believe in the carrot as well as the stick and we think it is important to give credit to the companies that are working hard to get privacy right.  We maintain an annual “Gallery of Leading Practices” in order to encourage companies to develop innovative ways to advance responsible data practices.  We hope that some of these practices become industry standards. We think it is important to highlight the companies that have adopted innovative practices in the last year and are leading the way so as to encourage other companies to follow.


As the year closes, we are soliciting nominations for the 2011 Future of Privacy Forum Gallery of Leading Practices.  Please email [email protected] with your suggestions for companies that are leading the industry towards better privacy practices.  Please highlight for us the specific practice you are applauding and provide an url or screenshot that will allow us to review the information firsthand.


To see the 2009 and 2010 galleries, please click here.


Thank you,

Jules Polonetsky and Christopher Wolf

Future of Privacy Forum