FPF Published in the Stanford Law Review Online


FPF is pleased to announce that FPF Senior Fellow and visiting law professor at Berkeley, Omer Tene, and FPF Co-Chair and Director Jules Polonetsky’s article, “Privacy in the Age of Big Data: A Time for Big Decisions” has been published in the Stanford Law Review (SLR) Online.  In the Internet age, big data mining use is a growing field that is proving to be a new source for massive economic and social value. Advances in data mining use are making it possible to discover relationships amidst large data sets, yielding patterns, trends, and accurate and timely predictions. This suggests that we are on the cusp of considerable innovation, productivity, efficiency, and growth.  At the same time, there are privacy and security concerns associated with big data which could stir a regulatory backlash stifling economic growth and innovation in the process. In their paper, they call for the development of a model where the benefits of data for businesses and researchers are balanced against individual privacy rights.


FPF Senior Fellow Peter Swire’s paper, “A Reasonableness Approach to Searches After the Jones GPS Tracking Case” was also recently published on SLR Online.