EU Data Protection Reform: Draft Calendar


Green MEP  Jan Philipp Albrecht has released a draft calendar of action points for the EU Data Protection Reform. Mr. Albrecht, the  European Parliament Rapporteur assigned to the Data Protection Reform,  released the draft calendar ahead of next week’s Workshop on the Proposed Data Protection Regulation to be held by the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee (LIBE).

The calendar, which will need to be approved by the other committees involved,  indicates that the Parliament may not enter into  a “trilogue” (an informal discussion aimed at finding agreement on package amendments) with the Council and Commission until the summer of 2013.

The Parliament’s first public consideration of the draft  regulation, a workshop hosted by the LIBE committee, will take place on Tuesday May 29th from 15h-18:30h in Brussels.

Below is a copy of Mr. Albrecht’s draft calendar:

  • 29 May 2012, 15:00-18:30: LIBE Committee Workshop (industry, civil society and academia).
    The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders. Logistics such as registration are handled by the LIBE secretariat. More information is available at the committee website. Please do not contact Jan Philipp Albrecht’s office on this.
  • 31 May 2012, 11:00-12:00: LIBE Exchange of views (Regulation and Directive)
  • 19/20 June 2012: Presentation of general Working Document (Regulation and Directive)
  • 9/10 July 2012 : Presentation of specific working document on the Regulation (WD 1)
  • September 2012: LIBE Exchange of views (Regulation)
  • October 2012: Presentation of specific working document on the Regulation (WD 2)
  • October/November 2012: LIBE Committee Hearing
  • November 2012: Presentation of the draft report
  • December 2012: Deadline for tabling amendments
  • End January/February 2013: Discussion of Amendments in LIBE Committee
  • February 2013: Discussion with Opinion Committees
  • March/April 2013: Orientation Vote LIBE committee
  • Summer 2013 (?) Trilogue with Council and Commission
  • Early 2014 (?): Vote in plenary