Happy New Year from the Future of Privacy Forum!



Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year from the Future of Privacy Forum!  And thank you for following our work and for your support in advancing privacy issues.  Here is our 2013 List of Ins and Outs for your enjoyment. On behalf of the entire team at FPF we wish you a fulfilling New Year.
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Chris Wolf                                          Jules Polonetsky
Founder and Co-chair                       Director and Co-chair

1.   EU Politicians
2.   California AG Kamala Harris
3.   Madame Chairperson?
4.   FBI follows Petraeus with email
5.   Mac users pay more for travel
6.   No tracking cookies for kids
7.   Challenging FTC Section 5   unfairness jurisdiction
8.   Damages in privacy cases
9.   Short notices
10. Do Not Agree 

1.   EU Data Commissioners
2.   FTC’s David Vladeck
3.   Chairman Leibowitz
4.   FBI follows Jones with GPS
5.   Mac users pay more for computer

6.   No personal info from kids

7.   Consent order settlements

8.   No financial harm/no case

9.   30 page mobile privacy policies

10. Do Not Track