NTIA User Interface Mockups


“I am pleased to support the NTIA Short Form Notice Code of Conduct,” said Jules Polonetsky, Executive Director of the Future of Privacy Forum. “A ‘food label’ type approach to a privacy notice will give consumers a standardized way to get key privacy information at a glance and will help consumers better understand how apps collect and share data.”

The sample notices below show examples of implementations of the short notice developed by a number of the multi-stakeholders. We expect that consumer testing will lead to even better versions that will deliver easy to use information to consumers.

Example 1:  Data Use Highlighted

Example 2:  Data Used on Top & Data Not Used on Bottom

Example 3:  “YES/NO” Highlighted Accordion

Example 4:  Categories Separated (Long List)

Example 5:  Categories Separated (Short List)

Click to download a compilation of all five user interface designs.

Please also check out the short form notice example from the Association of Competitive Technology, which demonstrates  another clear way that apps can implement the code in an easy-to-use manner!