Privacy Ins and Outs for 2014


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Future of Privacy Forum!  Here is our 2014 List of Ins and Outs for your enjoyment. On behalf of the entire team at FPF we wish you a fulfilling New Year.

Chris and Jules

2014 Ins and Outs

1.    Privacy Notices for Websites

1.  Privacy Notices for Sensors

2.    Smith v. Maryland

2.  Fourth Amendment

3.    “The face is familiar, but I can’t pull in the name…”

3.  Facial Recognition

4.    One-stop shop for EU DPAs

4.  One-stop shop derails EU Privacy Law

5.    “Big Data”

5.  “Internet of Things”

6.    Letters from Congressman Markey

6.  Letters from Senator Markey

7.    “What They Know” Stories

7.  What the NSA Knows Stories

8.    Connected Teens

8.  Connected Cars

9.    Edward Snowden

9.  Edward Snowden

10.  Twitter “Twits”

10. Google “Glassholes”

11.  Minority Report

11. The Circle

12.  Viviane Reding

12. ?