FPF Statement on White House Big Data Report


Today, the White House released its report on big data and the future of privacy.  The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a DC-based think tank advocating responsible privacy and data practices, has closely followed the work of the Review Group.

“Today’s White House report on Big Data carefully identifies most of the key issues in this emerging and critical debate, and in various ways seeks to constructively address each of them through legislative policy, agency action, and funding efforts. The report is a full-barrel effort to move the dialogue forward in a way that demonstrates a deep commitment to the benefits of Big Data, while at the same time balancing appropriate concerns about privacy. Above all, it was very positive to see the White House commit to essential, long-overdue reform to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act,” said Jules Polonetsky, co-chair and executive director, FPF.

“We’re especially pleased to see the Administration reiterate support for and carefully advance a Consumer Bill of Rights, it’s commitment to funding of critical privacy technologies, getting consensus among federal agencies with regard to the impact of big data on civil liberties, and taking a comprehensive and careful look at the use of Big Data in education – which can have significant value but must address children’s privacy in a responsible way. Finally, we welcome the report’s call for a smart update to education privacy laws continue to address children’s privacy protections,” said Chris Wolf, co-chair and founder, FPF.

FPF previously submitted comments for the Review Group’s consideration in March.