Barclays Launches Beacons to Help Disabled Customers


Bank Lobby

Barclays just launched a beacon technology system in a UK branch to help disabled customers with their accessibility needs. The service, which requires customers to download an app and opt-in, notifies the Barclays staff if a customer with disabilities enters the branch. This way, the staff can provide quicker and more tailored services to any customers with disability needs. The customer also does not have to tell the staff about his or her individual needs every time he or she visits the branch.

Customers with disability can choose to opt-in to the service by downloading an app and registering their information. These customers can enter information about their accessibility needs and even upload a photo of themselves. Once the app senses the beacon, the app will send a notification to a staff member in the branch, which alerts Barclay staff that a customer with accessibility needs is entering the building. Barclays’ Director of Accessibility and Inclusion noted that beacons are an innovative way to address issues that people with disabilities face when entering bank branches.

Right now, the system is being tested with Apple iOS in the Barclays Sheffields branch, but could expand to other branches and operating systems if successful.

This great opt-in use of beacon technology to provide quick, tailored accessibility services to customers with disability needs is just one example of the many ways beacons are being used to provide value to mobile device users in a privacy friendly manner.

By Stephany Fan | Image Source