Stacey Gray Featured on KUCI 88.9 FM



Today, Stacey Gray, FPF Policy Counsel, was featured on Privacy Piracy to talk consumer privacy and connected devices. Stacey discussed many topics covered in her report, Always On: Privacy Implications of Microphone-Enabled Devices.

She explained that the colloquial term “always on” is often not an effective way to describe the range of technologies that use audio and video recording hardware. Instead, three general categories of microphone-enabled devices are proposed: (1)  manually activated (requiring a press of a button, a flip of a switch, or other intentional physical action); (2)  speech activated (requiring a spoken “wake phrase”); and (3)  always on devices (devices, such as home security cameras, that are designed to constantly transmit data, including devices that “buffer” to allow the user to capture only the most recent period of time).