FPF Joins Leading Civil Society Groups, Academics and Companies to Participate in the Work of the Partnership on AI


Hand and robot hand

FPF has been invited to join the Partnership on AI, an organization started by the world’s leading AI researchers. In this capacity, we will work with companies and civil society stakeholders to define and advance a shared vision of AI that benefits people and society. FPF is proud to join this organization and help drive this important work forward.

“The Partnership on AI is a unique organization that is directly engaging with the most important issues that arise from the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of artificial intelligence systems,” said Brenda Leong, FPF Senior Counsel. “As AI technologies advance, fair information practices, data ethics, and new methods of transparency will be essential to shaping AI uses that benefit society. FPF looks forward to sharing our expertise with the Partnership and supporting responsible implementation of artificial intelligence.”

Established last year, the Partnership on AI seeks to:

  • Develop and Share Best Practices;
  • Provide an Open and Inclusive Platform for Discussion and Engagement;
  • Advance Public Understanding; and
  • Identify and Foster Aspirational Efforts in AI for Socially Beneficial Purposes.

The Partnership includes forward thinking commercial companies, nonprofit organizations, and other leaders who are developing a diverse, balanced, and global set of perspectives on AI.  The Partnership hopes to address issues including “fairness and inclusivity, explanation and transparency, security and privacy, values and ethics, collaboration between people and AI systems, interoperability of systems, and of the trustworthiness, reliability, containment, safety, and robustness of the technology.”

In light of FPF’s experience and knowledge of digital privacy across a broad variety of technology platforms, we are eager to contribute to the Partnership and explore critical questions – how can we apply good privacy strategies to AI? Are there unique challenges in the future that will require new applications of privacy standards?

We join the Partnership and support our partners’ shared goals: advancing public understanding and awareness of AI, including writing and other communications on core technologies, potential benefits, and costs; and acting as trusted and expert points of contact as questions, concerns, and aspirations arise from the public and others in the area of AI.