Announcing the Inaugural Issue of Future of Privacy Forum’s Privacy Scholarship Reporter


privacy scholarship reporter

Future of Privacy Forum is pleased to announce it has published the inaugural issue of the Privacy Scholarship Reporter. This regular newsletter will highlight recent privacy research and is published by the Privacy and Data Responsibility Research Coordination Network (RCN), an FPF initiative supported by the National Science Foundation.

The RCN is a community of academic researchers and industry leaders fostering industry-academic cooperation to address research priorities identified in the National Privacy Research Strategy (NPRS). If you are interested in advancing the privacy research agenda by creating new partnerships, research, and discussions based on the issues under the NPRS, we encourage you to join the RCN today.

Each issue of the Privacy Scholarship Reporter will focus on one of three research priorities from the NPRS: 1) increasing transparency of data collection, sharing, use, and retention; 2) assuring that information flows and use are consistent with privacy rules; and 3) advancing progress on practical de-identification techniques and policy and reducing privacy risks of analytical algorithms.

The first issue focuses on research regarding mitigation of privacy risks posed by some analytical algorithms. The highlighted papers address issues such as discrimination in the workplace, applying accountability mechanisms to the use of algorithms in a big data environment, and how data from Google Street View is being used to estimate demographics.


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