FPF Advisory Board Member Amie Stepanovich Discusses ‘Why Inclusion Matters’


Pictured Above: Amie Stepanovich (Access Now)

Yesterday, Future of Privacy Forum Advisory Board Member, Amie Stepanovich, U.S. Policy Manager at Access Now, published an article explaining the importance of ensuring marginalized communities have greater influence on how emerging technologies are developed. Amie says:

“Ultimately, we won’t be able to change things in any significant way so long as we create and facilitate an environment that is hostile toward diversity. Instead of digging our heads into the sand when scandals erupt, those of us working in tech should embrace change and invest in identifying and promoting smart, diverse voices. That means developing institutional and operational systems and processes that respect the range of backgrounds and experiences that diversity brings; creating public policies that are not developed or dictated by a single point of view; and providing platforms for discussion such as panels or events that highlight the voices and perspectives of under-represented people and organizations that are breaking through societal roadblocks and developing valuable expertise, often at great personal cost.”