Roundtable Discussion: Smart Cities and Open Data (2017 MetroLab Network Annual Summit)


Smart City scenery

You are invited to join the Future of Privacy Forum at the 2017 MetroLab Network Annual Summit for a roundtable discussion about smart cities and open data.

MetroLab Network is a group of more than 35 city-university partnerships focused on bringing data, analytics, and innovation to city government. Its members include 38 cities, 4 counties, and 51 universities.


Future of Privacy Forum


Privacy and Open Data

The Smart Cities and Open Data movements promise to use data to spark civic innovation and engagement, promote inclusivity, and transform modern communities. At the same time, advances in sensor technology, re-identification science, and Big Data analytics have challenged cities and their partners to construct effective safeguards for the collection, use, sharing, and disposal of personal information. In this breakout session, we will discuss privacy risks in open data programs and how cities like Seattle are promoting transparency while protecting individual rights.


  • Kelsey Finch, Policy Counsel, FPF


  • Michael Mattmiller, Chief Technology Officer,  City of Seattle
  • Jesse Woo, Lawyer and Research Faculty, Georgia Tech

Privacy and Urban Instrumentation

As cities harness more data than ever, how can we assess the risks and opportunities of new technologies and data flows while preserving public trust and individual privacy? In this breakout session, come hear from Cities, CIOs, academic leaders, and industry experts as we examine the opportunities and challenges of new urban instrumentation and how we can come together to address privacy challenges in smart cities.


  • Annie Antón, Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Tech


  • Nigel Jacob, City of Boston, Co-Founder, Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics
  • Scott R. Shipman, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, Verizon


2017 MetroLab Network Annual Summit
Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Georgia


December 14, 2017
2:30 PM & 4:00 PM

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