If privacy principles are from Venus, then engineering rules are from Mars


Image Credit: Adobe Systems

FPF Advisory Board member, Alisa Bergman, Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer at Adobe Systems, recently  wrote an article in the IAPP Tech Privacy Advisor that we think is very useful.  The article started from a presentation Bergman did for Adobe engineers (the key slide from the presentation is above).

For those participating in FPF’s Privacy War Games, the article is particularly useful as it provides a practical look at how to operationalize privacy. Bergman is a member of the Advisory Committee for the PWG. To learn more about the event and to register, please visit www.privacywargames.com.

Bergman writes:

Whether you’re a privacy professional or a software engineer, you likely have many stories about the opportunities, challenges and spirited debates within your organization, particularly in the recent run-up to EU General Data Protection Regulation. Privacy and engineering teams ultimately share a common goal: to create great customer and user experiences. Getting there, however, can feel like the other team comes from a different planet. To engineers, privacy principles advanced by privacy professionals may appear to come from Venus, while to privacy pros, engineering rules may appear to come from Mars.