Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Ethics, Governance and Compliance Resources


Existing Company and Government Models or Recommended Best Practices


Artificial Intelligence: The Public Policy Opportunity

AI at Google: Our Principles

Microsoft AI Principles

Ethics and Society Principles

Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

The AI Policy Landscape
A general compendium of multiple AI commentary and resources. Original Medium post and discussion here:

and continuously updated Google doc version with table of contents here:


Academic Papers

UC Davis Law Review
Playing with the Data: What Legal Scholars Should Learn About Machine Learning

New Media & Society
Seeing Without Knowing: Limitations Of The Transparency Ideal And Its Application To Algorithmic Accountability (paywall)

University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Accountable Algorithms

Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning
Conference Paper Submissions

Fordham Law Review
The Intuitive Appeal of Explainable Machines

Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Algorithms that Remember: Model Inversion Attacks and Data Protection Law


News Articles


Towards Data Science
A Gentle Introduction to the Discussion on Algorithmic Fairness

Nasdaq, How Artificial Intelligence Can Influence Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Medium, AI and the Future of Ethics
A basic overview of AI and discussion about the ethics related to it.


International Resources (Including Those Targeted Toward EU/GDPR)


Norwegian Data Protection Authority
Data Protection by Design and by Default

Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Rethinking Explainable Machines: The GDPR’s ‘Right to Explanation’ Debate and the Rise of Algorithmic Audits in Enterprise

World Economic Forum
Top 9 Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence

Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

European Agency for Fundamental Rights
#Big Data: Discrimination in Data-Supported Decision Making

United Nations University,  Centre for Policy Research
The Ethical Anatomy of AI

Australian Institute of Company Directors
Preparing Directors For Artificial Intelligence Whirlwind


Blogs, Video, and Other Media


AI and the Future of Ethics
A basic overview of AI and discussion about the ethics related to it.

Algorithmic Justice League
Study finds gender and skin-type bias in commercial AI systems

Site for a collective that aims to increase awareness and report bias.
Ted talk here:

CFA Institute
Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Corporate Governance

University of Toronto Centre for Ethics
The Ethics of Agonistic Machine Learning

Toward Ethical, Transparent And Fair AI/Ml: A Critical Reading List


Books and Reports


Clifford Rossi
A Risk Professional’s Survival Guide: Applied Best Practices in Risk Management

Classical Ethics in A/IS

AI Now
Algorithmic Impact Assessments: A Practical Framework for Public Agency Accountability
A policy paper providing public agencies a practical framework to assess automated decision systems and to ensure accountability.  

AI Now Institute
Algorithmic Impact Assessments: A Practical Framework For Public Agency Accountability

Future  Advocacy
 Ethical,  Social and Political Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Health,  April 2018
A review of existing literature and interviews with global experts to understand how AI is being used (or could be used)  in healthcare and what challenges these uses present.


Research Projects and Studies


Ethics in Action

Future of Humanity Institute
Governance of AI Program

MIT Media Lab
Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Berkman Klein Center
Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence

The GovLab, Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy