Future of Privacy Forum, Conference Proceedings – Beyond IRBs Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research – 2015 conference proceedings aimed at identifying processes and commonly accepted ethical principles for data research in academia, government and industry.

Northeastern University Ethics Institute, Building Data and AI Ethics CommitteesDescribes components of a committee-based approach to data and AI ethics, while identifying questions for an organization to consider when developing ethics and oversight committees.

Council of Europe, The Council of Europe Established an Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence – CAHAICommittee to examine the feasibility and potential elements of a legal framework for the development of artificial intelligence.

Berkman Klein Center, Principled Artificial Intelligence: Mapping Consensus in Ethical and Rights-Based Approaches to Principles for AI– Provides a comparison between thirty-six prominent AI principles documents side-by-side.

BNH.AI, Sample AI Incident Response Checklist – A checklist for 7 Phases of AI incident response including: preparation; identification; containment; eradication; and recovery. Also provides additional compliance resources.

Dallas Card & Noah A. Smith, On Consequentialism and Fairness – A consequentialist critique of common definitions of fairness within machine learning, as well as a machine learning perceptive on consequentialism; concluding with a broader discussion of how issues of learning and randomization have important implications for the ethics of automated decision making systems.