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September 24th in Detroit, MI: Data and Privacy for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are positioned to transform the future of mobility—a change enabled by new on-board sensors that collect and transmit growing types and quantities of data. While the existence of data in vehicles is not entirely new, autonomous vehicles promise an explosion in the variety, connectivity, volume of such data—raising new and unique considerations around what happens with it. As the automotive industry becomes more data-driven, getting consumer privacy right will become increasingly important.


A Toast to Privacy: Celebrating Day 1 of the GDPR

On May 24, the Future of Privacy Forum was honored to co-host a “Toast to Privacy” with the European Union Delegation to the United States to mark the implementation of GDPR and celebrate those who have been working on related projects. The event was held at the Delegation of the European Union’s offices and was attended by public and private sector, government, and civil society leaders from Europe and the United States.