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Online Privacy Decisions Confront Obama

Washington Post By Kim Hart January 13, 2009 Page D04 President-elect Barack Obama is about to face his first tests on consumer privacy, with questions about how much personal information Internet companies should be able to collect about consumers, how long they should keep that data, and whether they should use it to serve ads […]


The Future of Privacy Forum Consumer Privacy Agenda for the New Administration

1. Appoint a Chief Privacy Officer to Promote Fair Information Practices in the Public and Private Sectors.

We embrace the idea of government catching up to industry by creating the central role of a Chief Technology Officer, as has been announced. But we also point out the need — recognized by hundreds of privacy-sensitive companies — for a senior level Chief Privacy Officer, someone to ensure that data protection is a central consideration for technology, data and policy decisions. Although many federal agencies have privacy officers, the fact that data is increasingly available across government entities demonstrates the need for a central figure to lead U.S. efforts to respect citizen data. To ensure that the data needed to combat terror will be available while appropriate oversight is in place to protect essential freedoms, the Administration should have an accountable, executive-level figure to drive an agenda based on responsible data practices.


Data Security Breach Laws Remain the Province of the States

With 44 states and the District of Columbia having breach notification laws on the books, California — the first state in the nation to enact such a law — is proposing to amend its law (SB. 20) to require notification of breaches to the attorney general (a requirement contained in many other states’ laws), and […]


FPF Commends Yahoo Privacy Announcement

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) applauds the Yahoo! announcement today that the company has sharpened its privacy practices with a new global data retention policy. FPF Co-chair Jules Polonetsky called for such steps last week in his blog posting. We are delighted to see a great example of advancing privacy in a business practical […]


Marty Abrams

Congrats to Marty Abrams for being presented with the IAPP Vanguard Privacy Award. Marty has been an advisor to most of us in the privacy area and is a true thought leader. When I set up my first privacy advisory board about 9 years ago at DoubleClick, Marty was one of the people I turned […]


Online Shoppers Carry Web Retailers' Baggage

Online Shoppers Carry Web Retailers’ Baggage San Francisco Chronicle By Deborah Gage November 28, 2008 Online shoppers bring to the hunt a lot of baggage from retailers. People who shop online share lots of information about themselves, even when they’re not buying anything, said Jules Polonetsky, the former chief privacy officer at AOL who now […]


BBC: New privacy group to shape policy

New Privacy Group to Shape Policy BBC News By Maggie Shiels November 17, 2009 Lawmakers have held several hearings examining online privacy protection. Privacy experts have banded together to influence policy in the new Obama administration and set best practices for the industry. The newly formed Future of Privacy Forum aims to present a privacy […]


Consumer Choice and Relevant Advertising

The CEO of BlueKai, an online behavioral targeting and marketing company, makes some interesting points about giving consumers more control over their online profiles. The company’s profile viewer, which displays the categories they have put you in and which lets you edit your preferences, is no silver bullet, but it is one piece of the […]


Meet the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) Launch Event

Please join Jules Polonetsky and Christopher Wolf as they launch the Future of Privacy Forum and discuss key online privacy issues. This launch will bring together thought leaders from business, government and the FPF Advisory board to address the steps needed to move industry forward to establish best practices and give consumers greater control over their privacy online.

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