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De-Identification: Practice and Policy, April 13 in San Francisco

The Future of Privacy Forum, EY, and Privacy Analytics are hosting an event to share and advance practices and policies around de-identification. This all day forum will include panel discussions on topics such as emerging policy questions, de-identification case studies, implementation and best practices, and the role of controls. We encourage audience participation and knowledge sharing. Wednesday, April 13, […]


A Practical Privacy Paradigm for Wearables

A Practical Privacy Paradigm for Wearables is available to read here.  * * * * * * Only a week into 2015, and already it looks to be the year of wearable technologies. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), wearables and the Internet of Things have dominated the conversations and the exhibition halls. […]


What consumers and companies can learn from 2014’s privacy breaches

Earlier this week, FPF’s Kelsey Finch spoke to Red Herring about 2015’s biggest challenges, and how enterprise and consumer technology can come together to combat privacy issues. Q: What have been 2014’s biggest privacy problems, in your opinion? Do you see them being fixed any time soon? A: Throughout 2014, we learned how vulnerable our personal […]