A Thoughtful Discussion of Privacy Issues Raised by AI and Machine Learning

Recently, the Future of Privacy Forum and the Brookings Institution held a discussion session bringing together Hill staff, industry representatives and civil society groups. The conversation was guided by Cam Kerry of Brookings and Brenda Leong and John Verdi from FPF. Topics included whether AI and machine learning issues should be covered in a comprehensive privacy bill, whether privacy is the right lens to capture AI issues, whether AI raises any really unique privacy issues, and what specific concerns are created by automated decision making.

You can read my personal reflections on the thoughtful discussion at Brookings’ TechTank blog.

Mark MacCarthy is a Senior Fellow at FPF and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Previously, he was Senior Vice President for Public Policy at the Software & Information Industry Association, where he directed initiatives and advised member companies on technology policy, privacy, AI ethics, content moderation and competition policy in tech.