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June 22nd Webinar: PII Cookies and De-Identification – Accounting for Shades of Grey

Despite a broad consensus around the need for and value of de-identification, one of the biggest challenges in the privacy profession remains how to determine when data is, or is not, de-identified. Join us for this in-depth discussion on how and when privacy professionals, industry groups, and regulators around the world have tackled this thorny question.


W&L Law Offers DC-based Cyber Law and Privacy Seminar with Future of Privacy Forum

The course, titled “Cyber Policy and Privacy Law,” will be co-taught by Professor Margaret Hu and Jules Polonetsky, CEO at FPF. The course will examine how the expanding role of the internet, big data, e-commerce, social media, and wearable technology has strained the preexisting regulatory and constitutional frameworks that have guided privacy protections under the law.


Future of Privacy Forum and ConnectSafely Release Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy

Washington, DC – Today, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and ConnectSafely are releasing the Educator’s Guide to Student Data Privacy. Technology tools and applications are changing the way schools and teachers educate students across the country. New resources are making it easier for teachers and students to communicate in and outside of the classroom making learning a 24/7 activity.