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About the Privacy Tech Alliance (PTA) 

FPF launched the Privacy Tech Alliance (PTA) as a global initiative with a mission to define, enhance and promote the market for privacy technologies. The PTA brings together innovators in privacy tech with customers and key stakeholders.

As the sector continues to grow, the PTA will focus its efforts in the following areas: 

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The PTA invites stakeholders from every sector of the economy to promote the market for privacy technologies and connect  with innovators, investors, and corporate and government customers. Global companies and startup innovators, venture capital investors and policy makers — all have an important role to play as the PTA  continues to define and promote the emerging sector. 

Join us as we introduce the inaugural Privacy Tech Landscape Report in 2021. The Report presents the importance of this new sector and launches an effort for standardization and defining a common vernacular connecting  privacy tech offerings with customer needs. The Report analyzes existing privacy tech market dynamics, identifies market trends and implications, and lays out recommendations for the growth of the privacy tech sector.  

PTA members will take part in launch activities and future working groups that will facilitate growth and maturation of the industry.

Membership Levels: 

Becoming a member of the PTA includes the following benefits: 

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