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FPF Releases Privacy Papers for Policy Makers Journal

To view “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers” Journal, click here. Future of Privacy Forum Releases New Journal: “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers” Journal Highlights Leading Privacy Writings for Hill and Agencies To Consider When Addressing Privacy Concerns WASHINGTON – Today, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) released a new journal entitled Privacy Papers for Policy […]


FPF sponsors pii 2010 – privacy identity innovation

The Future of Privacy Forum is proud to be a sponsor of Tech Policy Central’s new pii2010 conference, which takes place August 17 – 19 in Seattle, WA. pii2010 (privacy identity innovation) will explore how emerging technologies and business models are impacting data creation, sharing and aggregation, and how to strike a balance between protecting sensitive information and […]


Solving the Privacy Dilemma

As privacy enthusiasts eagerly await this afternoon’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on consumer online privacy, FPF Co-Chairs Jules Polonetsky and Christopher Wolf, provided some thoughts to Huffington Post about how the business community can help address some of the concerns that have been escalating  in this arena. Click this link to see their piece, “Solving the Privacy Dilemma.”