2nd Annual McGowan Forum on Ethics: The Challenge of Big Data

On October 26, 2017, John Verdi, FPF’s Vice President of Policy, was a panelist for the National Archives Foundation’s 2nd Annual McGowan Forum on Ethics: The Challenge of Big Data. The panel discussed the ethical responsibility of those who compile and track citizens’ personal data.  The conversation focused around what responsibility corporations and governments have to protect their customers and be transparent in regard to possible data hacks.


What does privacy mean to you?

Future of Privacy Forum’s CEO, Jules Polonetsky, spoke with Goethe Institut about what privacy means to him. Jules discussed his experience leading FPF and the various circumstances he encounters. You can watch the full clip here.


The Future of Digital Privacy

Jules Polonetksy, Future of Privacy Forum’s CEO, was featured on Episode 5 of The Front Row, a podcast by 2U. The conversation centered around responsible data collection and the future of digital privacy. Jules discussed how chief privacy officers and cyber security experts will be able to harness the good in technology and mitigate the risks.