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Understanding Digital Data Flows: Beyond the Basics of Online Advertising

$250-$350 November 30 @ 1:00PM - 3:00PM (ET)


Going beyond the fundamentals of online advertising, this session provides an in-depth examination of the online advertising ecosystem focusing on a variety of topics, including mobile platforms, consent frameworks, analytics, and the technologies behind them. We will also explore the challenges affecting the future of online advertising, including deprecation of third-party cookies, platform requirements related to tracking, and key laws and regulations shaping the ad tech sector, as well as technologies developed to address user and legal requirements globally.

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Christy Harris

Director of Technology & Privacy Research, Future of Privacy Forum

Christy leads internal research and public policy efforts on issues of data privacy and online advertising, mobile apps, and platforms. Christy advised on AOL’s global advertising and marketing practices during her tenure at the company. Read her full bio.

Adam Towvim

Adjunct Professor, Brandeis International Business School and Partner, Chameleon Collective

Adam is an interim marketing leader with deep expertise in customer data analytics who has led growth strategies for companies like Salesforce, LiveRamp, Jumptap, and Waystar. As a strategic advisor, Adam’s focus areas include mobile/precise location and new digital media technologies, covering impacts to data privacy and digital advertising practices. Read his full bio.