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As public awareness of targeted and personalized advertising grows, organizations are pushed to deliver more helpful, relevant ads by less intrusive means.  In order to encourage companies to further develop innovative means of communicating with their users about the use of data for ads, The Future of Privacy Forum curates a gallery of leading practices and an up-to-date analysis of information technologies.  FPF hopes that these practices will inform and reform industry standards.  FPF applauds the companies that are leading the way and encourages other organizations to follow in their wake.

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Location & Ad Practices Working Group meetings are generally held Thursdays 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET. FPF members are welcome to join these discussions. If you would like call-in information (or to be added to the working group), please contact Stacey Gray at [email protected].

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Understanding Beacons: A Guide to Bluetooth Technologies

December 11, 2014 | FPF Staff

Understanding Beacons: A Guide to Bluetooth Technologies

Local Search Association and Future of Privacy Forum release a simple and concise primer that explains how the Bluetooth devices work and how privacy friendly controls ensure user control.

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What's Happening: Ad and Location Practices

On April 11, Windows Users Get Improved Privacy Protections from Microsoft
Top Story

April 5, 2017 | FPF Staff

On April 11, Windows Users Get Improved Privacy Protections from Microsoft

FPF is pleased to see the major privacy advances in Microsoft’s upcoming update to Windows 10. The Creator’s Update version of Windows 10 will provide a new privacy dashboard, allows users to limit telemetry information sent back to Microsoft, provides a detailed look at the telemetry information collected, and makes it easy for users to understand what data is collected when they choose basic or advanced installations.

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Georgetown – FPF: Valuable Partnership and Talent Channel
FTC Settles with Major Ad Platform for Deceptive Location Tracking via Wi-Fi