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The Future of Privacy Forum’s big data work highlights the increasingly challenging intersection among data analytics, privacy, and ethics.  In 2014, the Obama Administration engaged in a comprehensive “Big Data Review,” which explored how data can be used to generate new insights across a range of fields, from health care to the environment, while emphasizing the potential of risks of data to discriminate and undermine equal opportunity.

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In support of this effort, FPF has released a report with the Anti-Defamation League that details beneficial uses of big data.  The report cites how big data-driven studies have been used to expose and fight discrimination in death penalty sentencing, housing decisions, health-care offerings, school suspensions and police behavior.  Our recent whitepaper encourages organizations to engage in a more thorough “data benefit analysis” to consider how the benefits of big data can be achieved.

Previously, in 2013, FPF teamed with the Stanford Center for Internet and Society to present a day-long workshop entitled “Big Data and Privacy: Making Ends Meet.”  Papers submitted for this workshop are available here, and a selection were published in the Stanford Law Review Online.

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Conference Proceedings – Beyond IRBs Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research

January 5, 2017 | Kelsey Finch

Conference Proceedings – Beyond IRBs Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research

Today, FPF is pleased to make available the Conference Proceedings from our Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research workshop. The workshop, co-hosted by the Washington & Lee School of Law and supported by the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, aimed to identify processes and commonly accepted ethical principles for data research in academia, government and industry.

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What's Happening: Big Data

FPF in Brussels: The Law and Science of De-Identification
Big Data and Elections
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July 14, 2016 | Melanie Bates

Big Data and Elections

Big data analytics offers, “great new ways to engage with voters on the things that really matter to them, which results in more motivated, and hopefully better informed, participants in the electoral process, and likely higher turnouts on election day.”

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