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Data technologies allow service providers to mine benign digital activities for information to generate revenue and provide valuable services — prompting concern from some and innovation from others.  However, the law privileges some types of information over others.  It may be unethical to collect or use sensitive data without adequate precautions and notifications.  Unfortunately, laws defining sensitive data can vary widely.  The Future of Privacy Forum recognizes the need to clarify these terms, and the Sensitive Data issue page serves as resource for the developments in the characterization, collection, and use of sensitive data.

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The emerging ethical standards for studying corporate data
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June 14, 2016 | Melanie Bates

The emerging ethical standards for studying corporate data

Microsoft scientists, in an article published this week in the Journal of Oncology Practice, demonstrated that by analyzing large samples of search engine queries, they may, in some cases, be able to identify internet users who are suffering from pancreatic cancer, even before they have received a diagnosis of the disease.

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