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The sharing economy describes an economic model where a person who needs a good or a service can borrow or rent it from another.  The sharing economy offers an array of benefits for individuals: it makes life more affordable, more convenient and more efficient.  This model has become increasingly prevalent in online and mobile platforms, and the use of technology to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange has allowed the sharing economy to grow to a size and scale once unimaginable.

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But building and maintaining user trust is essential for those who take advantage of the connected sharing ecosystem.  Many are hesitant to exchange goods or services in the sharing economy until they receive positive recommendations or reviews of their partners.  This and other logistical concerns about privacy and transparency need to be addressed before this mode of exchange meets its potential.  The Future of Privacy Forum enriches conversation about the benefits of and the obstacles to the sharing economy.

Uber and Location Permission

December 7, 2016 | Jules Polonetsky

Uber and Location Permission

Uber recently announced that its iOS app will require access to location data either “Always” or “Never.” Given some of the confusion about the change, we are writing to help consumers better understand what Uber modified and why.

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