Caroline Hopland

Elise Berkower Memorial Fellow

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Caroline Hopland is a Policy Fellow with the Europe and Global teams. Caroline is a 2020 graduate of Boston University School of Law. At BU Law, Caroline was the Symposium Editor and Note Editor of the Journal of Science and Technology Law, where she organized a Data Privacy Symposium. She was also the Research Assistant for Professor Danielle Citron, where she researched privacy laws, data collection, use, and storage practices, and sexual privacy related matters.

Prior to joining FPF, Caroline completed several legal internships, including working at the Future of Privacy Forum, the Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations, and the health law firm in Boston, Massachusetts, Barrett & Singal.

Posts by Caroline

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Machine Learning and Speech: A Review of FPF’s Digital Data Flows Masterclass
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A Deep Dive into New Zealand’s New Privacy Law: Extraterritorial Effect, Cross-Border Data Transfers Restrictions and New Powers of the Privacy Commissioner
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Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act Shifts Away From a Consent-Centric Framework
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