Policy Counsel: Data, Mobility, & Location

General Overview:

FPF is seeking to hire a Policy Counsel to lead its work on emerging questions of privacy and data protection related to mobility and location. Individuals’ geolocation data is increasingly collected, used, and shared as part of businesses ranging from connected cars and scooter rentals to mobile apps and online advertising. FPF recognizes that geolocation data is often used to develop safer vehicles and more personalized services and acknowledges the privacy risks associated with sensitive data use.

Key responsibilities for the position are expected to include: working with the CEO and VP for US Policy to define a strategic vision for FPF’s mobility-related technology and location portfolio; undertaking independent research, analysis, and writing on emerging legal and policy issues related to privacy and technology in these focus areas; leading outreach and collaboration with FPF stakeholders, interest groups (e.g. transportation companies), civil society, relevant government agencies, academics, and other key partners; and organizing events and meetings with stakeholders, both in-person and virtual.

This is a full-time position located in Washington, D.C. 


Required Qualifications:

Salary Range: $70,000.00 To 100,000.00 Annually

How to Apply: 

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