Policy Counsel – Legislative Outreach & Analysis

General Overview 

FPF is seeking to hire a Policy Counsel to support its growing work on U.S. federal and state privacy legislation. We are looking for a recent law school graduate or individual with 1-5 years of experience.

FPF supports a baseline, comprehensive federal privacy law that would fill the gaps in the existing U.S. sectoral framework, codify strong individual data rights (such as access, deletion, portability, objection to processing, and non-discrimination), and harmonize with existing federal, state, and international privacy and data protection frameworks. At the same time, we are optimistic about emerging technology and responsible uses of data for beneficial goals — for example, for health research, improving educational outcomes, building smarter cities and communities, safer vehicles, and infrastructure, combatting discrimination, and creating new knowledge. FPF works to promote privacy regulation that supports these benefits while mitigating privacy risks.

FPF is seeking to expand our overall engagement with federal and state regulators by providing informative, independent, and non-partisan tools to help policymakers navigate the complex challenges of crafting privacy legislation.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with a small team of colleagues in support of a Senior Policy Counsel who leads overall legislative outreach and analysis;
  • Researching and providing your independent analysis of key legal issues at the heart of privacy legislation;
  • Analyzing draft legislation within short time frames;
  • Drafting white papers, reports, and blog posts;
  • Helping to create easy-to-understand educational content on complex technical topics, in part by working with academic and industry experts;
  • Assisting with outreach and collaboration with FPF stakeholders, such as: Hill staff, government agencies, privacy advocates, companies, academics, and other key partners; and organizing events and meetings with stakeholders, both in person and virtual. This may include speaking publicly at such events and meeting.

Desired Skills:

  • Excellent writing
  • Excellent legal research and legal analysis
  • Strong organizational skills and experience tracking parallel work streams and convening meetings
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment with self-imposed deadlines
  • Strong academic record in Information Privacy (or equivalent academic or work experience). Federal Courts/ Federal System, Administrative Procedure, and/or Statutory Interpretation are a plus.
  • Knowledge or experience with GDPR or other international privacy regime a plus, but not required.

This is a full-time position located in Washington, D.C. 

To apply: Send resume and cover letter to [email protected].