Privacy Research and Data Responsibility Research Coordination Network (RCN)

What is the RCN?

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), FPF launched a Privacy and Data Responsibility Research Coordination Network (RCN).  The RCN is a community of academic researchers and industry practitioners that foster industry-academic cooperation to address research priorities identified in the recently released National Privacy Research Strategy (NPRS). The RCN creates new partnerships, incentivizes and distributes research, and promotes discussion of issues under the NPRS, supporting action toward technological innovation while protecting individual privacy.

How does the RCN facilitate its work?

Drawing on the FPF’s relationships with industry chief privacy officers, academic researchers, regulators, civil rights advocates, and government actors, the RCN facilitates communication and sharing of information and ideas about privacy on the cusp of new technologies and evolving social norms.  Issues include: increasing transparency of data collection, sharing, use and retention; ensuring that information flows and use are consistent with privacy rules; and reducing privacy risks of analytical algorithms.

What types of events will RCN members participate in?*

  • an inaugural launch conference with an expanded Privacy Papers for Policymakers event;
  • a series of academic workshops and convening opportunities, incorporating both new and established academic programs; and
  • network communications, including the introduction of a Privacy Scholarship Reporter.

*These events are subject to change. 

How is the RCN managed? 

Research Coordinator. The Research Coordinator provides thought leadership, research and administrative support for the RCN. The coordinator will recruit academic and industry participants, communicate with stakeholders, edit a Privacy Scholarship Reporter, and organize and participate in academic workshops and events.

Steering Committee. The RCN is led by a Steering Committee composed of FPF’s CEO, Jules Polonetsky, FPF’s Senior Fellow Omer Tene and academic and industry experts from a diversity of disciplines and backgrounds. Please see below for a full listing of Steering Committee members.

Jules Polonetsky, FPF
Omer Tene, FPF
Mary Culnan, Bentley University
Annie Antón, Georgia Tech
Margaret Hu, Washington and Lee University
Christopher Kuner, Free University of Brussels
Michael McCullough, Macy’s, Inc.

How can I support the RCN?

For more information, and to learn how to become involved with the efforts of the RCN, please contact FPF at [email protected] or visit