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The Future of Privacy Forum (“FPF”) is a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship, advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. FPF brings together industry, academics, consumer advocates, and other thought leaders to explore the challenges posed by technological innovation and develop privacy protections, ethical norms and workable business practices. FPF helps fill the void in the “space not occupied by law” which exists due to the speed of technology development. As “data optimists,” we believe that the power of data for good is a net benefit to society, and that it can be well-managed to control risks and offer the best protections and empowerment to consumers and individuals.

FPF’s youth & education project seeks remote student contractors to support the team. Contractors often do the following types of projects:

Student contractors work 10-20 hours (potentially full-time over the summer if interested) a week with an hourly rate of $20/hour. Students must be detail-oriented, excellent at interpersonal communications via email, have outstanding research abilities, and have a demonstrated ability to work independently and meet deadlines. Privacy experience, whether through a course or through prior work, is a plus. These positions are primarily for graduate and law school students, but exceptional undergraduate students should feel free to apply. Students with backgrounds in policy, government, journalism, non-profits, law or other relevant fields are encouraged to apply.

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