What is 5G Cell Technology?  How Will It Affect Me?

The leap from 3G to 4G technology brought with it faster data transfer speeds, which supported widespread adoption of data cloud and streaming services, video conferencing, and Internet of Things devices such as digital home assistants and smartwatches. 5G technology has the potential to enable another wave of smart devices: always connected and always communicating to provide faster, more personalized services.


Always on: Privacy Implications of Microphone-Enabled Devices

Is your smart TV listening to your conversations? Are your children’s toys spying on your family?

These questions are being raised as the next generation of Internet-connected devices enters the market. Such devices, often dubbed “always on,” include televisions, cars, toys and home personal assistants, many of which now include microphones and speech-recognition capabilities.


Facial Recognition and Privacy

Facial Recognition is an exciting technology that promises a host of consumer benefits but also raises a range of privacy concerns. In order to help advance policy discussions around different uses of “computer vision,” we are releasing today a Facial Recognition Discussion Document. We hope the background review of current legal and policymaker guidance is […]