FPFcast: Talking Big Data with Professor Bill McGeveran


In advance of the Future of Privacy Forum and the Stanford Center for Internet & Society’s event on “Big Data and Privacy,” we spoke with Professor Bill McGeveran about his essay Revisiting the 2000 Stanford Symposium in Light of Big Data. Thirteen years ago, the Stanford Law Review convened a symposium on “Cyberspace and Privacy: A New Legal Paradigm?” which produced a volume of legal scholarship that Professor McGeveran stresses remains important today. “One encounters all the same debates that are arising new in the context of Big Data,” he writes.

Among the issues he highlights are (1) the propertization of data, (2) technological solutions like P3P, (4) First Amendment questions, and (4) the challenges posed by the privacy myopia.

In this podcast, FPF’s Joseph Jerome talks to Professor McGeveran about the lessons learned from the symposium and how they can be applied to Big Data moving forward.

Click on the media player above to listen, or¬†download the complete podcast here. ¬†Professor McGeveran’s paper is available to read here.