October 18, 2018 | Brenda Leong

FPF Release: The Privacy Expert’s Guide to AI And Machine Learning

Today, FPF announces the release of The Privacy Expert’s Guide to AI and Machine Learning. This guide explains the technological basics of AI and ML systems at a level of understanding useful for non-programmers, and addresses certain privacy challenges associated with the implementation of new and existing ML-based products and services.


October 12, 2018 | FPF Staff

FPF Perspective: Limit Law Enforcement Access to Genetic Datasets

Today, researchers published a paper detailing how governments can use public genetic databases to identify criminal suspects. These activities raise real questions about when it’s appropriate for law enforcement to analyze genetic information, and how best to protect individuals whose genetic data has been analyzed as part of a commercial service, but who are not accused of a crime.

Smartphone connected with different technologies

September 25, 2018 | FPF Staff

Privacy Features of iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave

With much media attention focused on new Apple hardware, including new iPhones, Apple also released updated versions of its mobile and desktop operating systems for public download this week. The software upgrades (iOS 12 for iPhones, and macOS 10.14 Mojave for desktop Macs) bring many new features, such as Group FaceTime, options to customize notifications, and aesthetic changes such as an optional desktop “Dark Mode.

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