February 12, 2019 | editor

Smart Communities: A Conversation with Kelsey Finch

One of FPF Policy Counsel Kelsey Finch’s areas of focus is Smart Communities, a field which draws from many of FPF’s issue areas. From her Seattle office, she has the opportunity to do hands-on work with cities in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, she worked with city officials on Seattle’s first Open Data Risk Assessment, […]

February 11, 2019 | FPF Staff

Future of Privacy Forum is Turning 10!

Celebrate Future of Privacy Forum’s 10th Anniversary! This year, Future of Privacy Forum is celebrating our tenth anniversary as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship. In recognition of this milestone, we will host an anniversary celebration on April 30 and release a report on rising privacy issues. Please join us in celebration of FPF’s […]

February 6, 2019 | FPF Staff

FamilyTreeDNA Agreement with FBI Creates Privacy Risks

Company’s Deal with Law Enforcement Surprises Consumers and Is Out-of-Step with Industry Norms and Best Practices  By John Verdi and Carson Martinez Last week, FamilyTreeDNA announced an agreement with the FBI to allow agents to test DNA samples from crime scenes, develop genetic profiles, and identify familial matches. This agreement marks the first time a […]

February 6, 2019 | editor

AI and Machine Learning: Perspectives with FPF’s Brenda Leong

As we prepare to toast our 10th anniversary, we’re hearing from FPF policy experts about important privacy issues. Today, Brenda Leong, FPF Senior Counsel and Director of Strategy, is sharing her perspective on AI and machine learning. Brenda also manages the FPF portfolio on biometrics, particularly facial recognition, and oversees strategic planning for the organization. […]

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