Privacy Forum Unveils Research Project


Privacy Forum Unveils Research Project
Tech Daily Dose
May 19, 2009

The Future of Privacy Forum is embarking on a research project that will examine different methods for communicating with Internet users about advertising and privacy practices, the think tank announced Tuesday. The study will explore potential tools and notices that companies could use to raise consumer awareness regarding the use of online behavioral advertising data and will offer more transparency about how information is used in relevant advertising practices. The initiative follows a recent FTC report that called on the private sector to examine the issue. FPF launched in 2008 to advance a national privacy agenda that promotes transparency and user control that is practical for businesses and ensures personal autonomy for online users.

Jules Polonetsky quoted:

“Privacy policies will continue to play an important role in legally binding companies to commitments and providing essential details regarding their data practices,” FPF Co-Chair Jules Polonetsky said. “Widespread agreement now exists, however, that more candid, prominent, and engaging methods are needed to ensure that trustworthy and meaningful communications are provided to users.”

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