Online Age Verification for Our Children


Today, Jules is in Madrid presenting at the 31st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners on online age verification. Protecting the privacy and safety of children and ensuring they do not access inappropriate content or environments continues to be a priority for parents. Service providers, educators, governments and others are working to ensure that children can obtain the benefits of technology while being shielded from the excesses. What are the current techniques being used to establish the age of Internet users and are they effective? What are the emerging techniques that may be available in the future? What are the adverse consequences or the new opportunities provided by new technologies? And how can we ensure that our efforts are relevant to the lives of this first generation of digital natives? The presentation and report provide an overview of the privacy issues of age verification.

Click below to view the presentation and report. Let us know if you have any thoughts.

Full Report: Age Verification for Our Children: A Report on Tools and Resources Available for Safeguarding the First Generation of Digital Natives

Presentation: Age Verification for Children: A Survey of Resources and Tools